Monday, June 23, 2008

Places to eat in Orillia

Our June meeting took place at a local eatery, so we thought it would be smart to provide some info about it, as well as some other local restaurants that serve vegetarian fare! 13 of us gathered at Brewery Bay on Sunday June 1st. This local veggie-friendly pub borrows it's name from the property where Stephen Leacock built his summer home in the early 20th century. It is the most well known, and most overtly veggie-friendly restaurant in town. It's a pub, and is owned by a vegetarian, so almost anything on the menu can be made vegetarian (they can substitute veggie meat for real meat in most dishes) and they have a large selection of actual vegetarian choices. It's located right on the main street.

Some other places to try include:

Ossawippi Express Dining Cars
It's a restaurant on train cars! Very unique dining experience and the last time I was there they had 2 veg items on the menu, both delicious. One is the Vegetarian
Wellington and the other is a Pasta dish. It is located at the bottom of
the main street, but it's in the park on Lake Couchiching so it's a lovely
setting, especially if it's a nice enough day to sit on the patio (although
you should definitely check out the inside too).

Quick Bite & Indian Cuisine
There's a small Indian eatery just off Hwy 12 called Quick Bite & Indian
Cuisine. It's farther from the downtown area, in the western section of
town. I've only eaten there once, and it was awhile ago, but it was good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have tried Quick Bite and Indian Cuisine food as well. The food was AMAZINNG.. and so was the service. I absolutely loved the overall experience

Anonymous said...

Anybody know of a good vegan breakfast in Orillia? My best friend is a vegan and she is getting sick of oatmeal, we would like to know if there is somewhere where we can go where she can get a breakfast dish without eggs?